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After a year and change, and over 53,000 unique visitors (I love you all!), it's time for Sua Sponte to take that great leap forward.

That's right, folks! I finally caved to the eminently correct peer pressure and upgraded to Movable Type. (Actually, Xrlq did all the work. I just made the monkey graphic.)

Please update your blogrolls, bookmarks, and link lists to:


And thank you for your continuing patronage of this one person's law school odyssey :)

thus spake /jca @ 4:07 PM...


Now *this* is weird:

How did they know?

thus spake /jca @ 2:08 PM...


I found an oddity in my email this afternoon:

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 16:49:08 -0700
From: [director of journals at my school]
To: "1Ls.2002-2003"
Subject: Email replies to Journal Invitations on Aug. 2 and Aug.3

Hello All:

If you emailed an RSVP -- either accept or decline -- to the journal Writing Competition on Saturday Aug. 2 or Sunday Aug, 3, please send it again. The email server was down and no emails reached [our office].

Thanks, [name]

I had not received an invitation to join any of the four journals to which I had applied. Seeing this, I spooked.

"Do you think this means that all the journals have already sent out their invitations, or only some of them?" I fretted to my husband, as he attempted to parse the email through his illness (stomach flu which still hasn't subsided).

"I have no idea," he concluded.

There was only one thing to do: check the website.

My regular readers know how itchy I am about checking websites that post any law-school-related result. But I found this less trying than previous checks: perhaps because I knew I'd made Moot Court, I was happy with Moot Court, and I was already a member of an unofficial journal.

Then I looked. Fortunately, none of the glassware in my home shattered due to the sound I made.

I applied to four journals, with the following result:

Communications & entertainment law journal: accepted.
Constitutional law journal: accepted.
International law journal: accepted.
Law Review: accepted.

(Still have to wonder why I haven't gotten any email about this yet, but sure enough, that's my number on the website. Repeatedly.)

("You sure that's your number?" teased my husband. *whack whack*)

This is, obviously, beyond my wildest reckoning.

Toodles -- off to celebrate!

thus spake /jca @ 6:46 PM...


My goodness, I had no idea that my terse (and, I'll confess, rather drunken) last post would generate so much discussion. I feel bad that I haven't been around much to contribute. Thanks, all, for talking amongst yourselves in my absence :)

The Movable Type relo lumbers on. I'll now have more time to spend on it than I expected, though, since my planned east-coast trip was pre-empted by a family health emergency. (No real harm done; just a few midnight hours in the emergency room, a persistent fever, and many go-fetch errands for yours truly.)

I think I may need to put upon Xrlq for some additional moral support...you wouldn't mind, would you, X?

thus spake /jca @ 10:10 PM...

more final thoughts...

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